“The Gardens of the Righteous” by An-Nawawi, among the largest collections of hadith in Italian

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“The Gardens of the Righteous” by An-Nawawi represents a unique and essential collection of hadith for anyone who wants to fully understand the figure of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The Gardens of the Righteous

“The Gardens of the Righteous”, in Arabic Riyâdu s-sâlihîn, represents one of the most valid and widespread “synthetic collections” of prophetic hadiths. Based mainly on the Sahihs of Al-Bukhari and Muslim, the Riyâds conclude with these words of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ: “When the people of Paradise enter it, Allah, Blessed be He, the Most High will ask: “Do you want there to be anything else on top of that?” They will answer: “Have you not made our faces white? Haven’t you allowed us to enter Paradise and save us from the Fire?” Then He will lift the veil: and nothing will be given that they will love more than the Vision of their Lord.

The Gardens of the Righteous

Written by the great an-Nawawi, one of the greatest hadith scholars in history, this text represents a must for every Muslim and in general for anyone who really wants to know more closely the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); compared to “The forty hadith”, already analyzed in the past, this presents a greater quantity and variety of hadith, which makes it perfect for those who want to take a new step in Islam and in the spirit of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). Starting from September 29, 2023, a series will begin on the Instagram page in which every Friday a particularly interesting hadith taken from “The Garden of the Devotees” will be uploaded; to retrieve the one on “The forty hadiths” click here.

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