“Il mio posto è ovunque” by Silvia Abbà, a book on Iraqi feminisms

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“Il mio posto è ovunque” is a unique text of its kind, able to make us discover the history of Iraqi women and feminisms

Il mio posto è ovunque

Is there feminism in Iraq? From independence in 1932 to the protests of October 2019, through the years of Da’ish, the stories of Iraqi women speak of the courage to make their voices heard, of their determination to be what they want. Outside the interests of regimes and international actors, Iraqi women demonstrate where they belong: wherever they want.

The best book in Italian on Iraqi feminism

“Il mio posto è ovunque” is a unique book of its kind and able to best show us a category unjustly ignored in most analyzes of Iraq: women. The latter, while making up a large part of the Iraqi population, are not only often and willingly ignored but, especially since the beginning of the war between Iran and Iraq, they are also the constant target of the country’s internal politics and power dynamics. With the outbreak of the 2019 riots, a light finally seems to shine through the darkness, but where and on what basis do Iraqi feminisms begin? What do the women of this country think today and what are their real conditions and problems?

Iraqi feminisms

“Il mio posto è ovunque” answers precisely these questions, giving a voice to women of all classes and conditions, also making us perceive the diversity present in this territory: what is the difference between being a woman in Mosul, a place for years under the control of ISIS/ Daesh, or be it in Baghdad? What is the difference between being one in Southern Shiite or Iraqi Kurdistan? But above all: is it possible to overcome these sectarian dynamics and live in a united Iraq, one that knows how to go beyond and respects the differences of its individuals without oppressing and dividing them?

With a deep work of analysis and research in the field Silvia Abbà manages to answer all these questions, giving us the opportunity to discover a new face of this country and at the same time so important in the life of thousands of souls. An essential text for those who want to approach a 360° immersion in contemporary Iraq.

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