Yakamoz S-245, one of the best Turkish science fiction series

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Yakamoz S-245 is a catastrophic Netflix series that will make us explore the depths of the abyss and the human soul

Yakamoz S-245

After a devastating disaster strikes Earth, a marine biologist on an underwater research mission must fight for survival with the crew when a conspiracy is uncovered.

What is it about?

Yakamoz S-245 is a Turkish science fiction series with characteristics that link it both to apocalyptic series and to great thrillers, managing to capture the viewer not so much thanks to the help of “light sabers” or other pyrotechnic technologies, but rather to a constant and ever increasing.

The plot is this: a group of biologists, led by Arman, the protagonist, goes into the depths of the Aegean Sea to carry out explorations; once they go back to the surface, however, they realize that all life on Earth has been wiped out due to a strange phenomenon involving solar radiation. At that point they go to the island of Kos, where they will come across the Yakamoz S-245 military submarine and its crew, realizing very quickly that this vehicle is the only one that allows them to avoid the sun’s rays and therefore death .

The official trailer from Netflix

From that moment on, biologists and soldiers will begin a series of long vicissitudes to try to save themselves and the future of mankind; the two groups, however, will also begin to clash with each other, giving life to a continuous and constant tension that will lead them to face ever more intense and decisive choices for themselves and for the whole world.

Between the apocalyptic and the psychological

Unlike Sıcak Kafa, in Yakamoz S-245 we are not faced with an example of science fiction hard and pure, but rather an interesting combination of the catastrophic genre and the psychological drama; as already mentioned before, in fact, the center of the matter is not so much solar radiation, which in any case has great relevance, but rather the mental challenges that each of the protagonists will have to face. The latter are linked both to the coexistence between military and civilians and to the difficulties that each of them experiences in having to live in a now hostile world that does not seem to give any chance to the future; all this will profoundly change each of them, not always with positive results.

Yakamoz S-245
Ertan Saban

Worth mentioning more than ever is the immense skill of Ertan Saban, who plays Umut, one of the commanders of the Yakamoz, who in the course of the series proves to be, in my taste, the best actor ever, capable of giving a soul and characteristics incredible to his character, transforming him into something iconic and unforgettable.

Why watch it?

Yakamoz S-245 is an objectively different series compared to all other Netflix Turkish products, able to tell stories, thoughts and emotions with a depth rare for a large part of the entire catalog of the American giant. Furthermore, the latter differs from most of the classic “disaster” series due to the fact that we are not faced with a zombie apocalypse or climate change, but with something that turns out to be as subtle as it is fascinating like the fear of light Of sun; also because of the latter, it is not only mankind that is in danger, but the whole of life on Earth, an element that will inevitably increase the uncertainty in the viewer and in the crew.

Yakamoz S-245

Of course it is not a series immune to errors, but I must say that the latter tend to take a back seat to the rest, giving viewers a product that manages to be really deep and full of twists. There is still no certainty about the second season but, as I understand it, it should arrive more or less towards the end of 2023; fingers crossed we say in’sh’Allah because I’m really looking forward to it.

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