“L’Islam italiano” by Fabrizio Ciocca

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“L’Islam italiano” by Fabrizio Ciocca is without any shadow of a doubt the best starting point for anyone wishing to confront the Italian Islam

“L’Islam italiano” or “The Italian Islam”

Today, in Italy, Islam is the second religion of the country, with two and a half million faithful, of which over one million are Italian citizens. A stable, permanent presence, albeit a minority, which however a part of public opinion, the majority, deems incompatible with society. Starting from this scenario, the author, based on the data emerging from a research conducted on Facebook on a sample of over three hundred Muslims and various interviews, presents the main needs that the Islamic minority expresses and the problems with which it must deal. Religion, identity, Islamophobia: the “normalization” process that the Italian state and the Islamic communities will have to face together passes along these three themes.

Analysis of Italian Islam

Fabrizio Ciocca’s book is an invaluable tool for fully understanding the Italian Islamic community, going beyond mere perceptions and news stories and finally allowing Muslims to express their opinions and feelings, thus providing a very detailed map of Islam in Italy. Although “L’Islam italiano” was released in 2019, it remains one of the best publications on the subject, still able to be a compass of fundamental importance for orienting oneself in this reality.

Very interesting, then, that in addition to the Italian situation, with all its various regulations, we are also shown that of the three main European countries: France, England and Germany, each of which is capable of developing its own Islam with different characteristics, potential and, unfortunately, critical issues.

If you want to try to have a more complete and correct look at Italian Islam, this is undoubtedly the best possible starting point; precisely in this regard I tell you that on April 25th at 17.30 we will have the pleasure of speaking live with Fabrizio Ciocca, don’t miss it. The live is only in Italian.

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