“La guida alimentare nell’Islam” by Elif Didem Örs

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An italian food guide able to provide you with valuable advice inspired by the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but which are valid for anyone who wants to improve their spiritual relationship with the world and food

La guida alimentare nell’Islam

Islam is a religion that involves the individual in all aspects of life. Some of these are spirituality, morals, relationships, finance, faith, education, sexuality, personal hygiene, holidays, mourning, community and diet. Nowadays people of Muslim faith who follow the Sunnah, i.e. the set of uses, customs, lifestyle of the Prophet ﷺ, pay close attention to various aspects of their daily life, perhaps leaving out other equally important ones. In fact, how many of them also follow the Sunnah from a food point of view? How many eat following the nutritional advice of the Prophet ﷺ?

La guida alimentare nell'Islam

This book is a food guide that combines nutritional science with the Islamic faith. Each topic that will be treated will contain the Islamic notion, the current scientific one and some advice to put into practice a better lifestyle and behavior.

In the footsteps of the Prophet (pbuh)

The “Guida alimentare nell’Islam” by Elif Didem Örs is a text that, in just 105 pages, will be able to really tell you, in detail and depth, what was the diet of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); a book that, beyond one’s religious affiliation, turns out to be a handbook full of information for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle.


In Islam, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) is in fact considered the most perfect human being that ever existed and it is no coincidence that, many centuries later, it has been discovered that many of his moderate habits are the basis of well-being of each individual. We are talking about simple things, such as eating little and enjoying what you have, which however, precisely by virtue of this extraordinary character, are much more profound and capable of also cloaking themselves in incredible spiritual meanings.

Between spirit and nutrition

In addition to hadith and other Quranic pearls, however, “The food guide in Islam” also turns out to be a text full of precise and detailed information about the universe of food in its entirety, allowing in any case to better understand how and what is eat, resulting in a detailed guide even for non-Muslims.

Furthermore, the book, although extremely linked to the figure of the Prophet (pbuh), rightly tends to contextualize his habits, resulting in an extremely honest text and capable of giving accurate advice and suggestions. To give an example: it is said that the Prophet (pbuh) consumed salt before and after meals and this habit for his time and his diet is particularly appropriate, but it is less so today, where salt is found in practically every dish.

If you love the Prophet (pbuh) or are looking for a way to improve your diet also through behavior, this book can only be a little gem to have in your library. The presence of Ramadan, then, makes it an essential tool to better calibrate your diet and truly transform yourself during this magical month; Last but not least, all proceeds from this book will go to the earthquake victims of Turkey, a gesture that makes “La guida nutrizionale nell’Islam” even sweeter.

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