Mo Amer: “The Vagabond”

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Mo Amer: The Vagabond is a special stand-up comedy show from 2018 in which Mo Amer will tell us her story; like “Mo” the series, but with something more

Mo Amer: The Vagabond

The Arab-American Mo Amer recounts his life as a comedian and refugee, from the experience of traveling under the name of Mohammed to the long journey towards citizenship.

Being an undocumented Palestinian refugee

“Mo Amer: The Vagabond” is a special stand-up comedy episode shot in 2018 at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas. Here Mo Amer will tell us his story as a Palestinian refugee in Houston, with a particular focus on what it means to live everyday life without a passport and all that follows when preparing to travel the world to work.

The show is really interesting and well done not only for its incredible irony and comedy, but also and above all because, from the first moment, you realize that it is a true story, made up of smiles as much as of strong emotions that are never hidden. . From this point of view, I found his story of him extremely moving when he returned to Kuwait, the country where he was born and fled following the Gulf War, to go and cheer up American soldiers; an experience that, even if Mo himself doesn’t give it too much to see, that must have really hit him in the soul.

Like “Mo”, the series, but with something more

Having already seen the “Mo” series, I was already “prepared” on most of the topics, but I must say that I do not regret the experience in any way and, on the contrary, I recommend everyone to see this show too. Here, in fact, Mo Amer is in no way bound by a script and is free to express all of himself at 360 °, also telling us extremely interesting details that (at least for the moment) we have not yet had the opportunity to observe there.

Mo Amer

The theme of the journey, the complexity of being one of the few Arabs in Texas and the visceral relationship with the mother are all elements that start with a smile and that inevitably lead to profound reflections, ensuring that this is not “just a show”, but something more. A beautiful product that lasts only an hour but that will introduce you to Mo Amer even better, allowing you to look at the world from a perspective that many of us are not used to. Available on Netflix.

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