“Jewels of the Qur’an and Its Pearls ” by al Ghazali

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“Jewels of the Qur’an and Its Pearls” honors its name by transporting the reader on a spiritual journey through the Holy Qur’an in search of its most beautiful and fascinating pearls. Honorable mention for the introduction and translation by the late Massimo Campanini

Jewels of the Qur’an and Its Pearls

Jewels of the Qur’an and Its Pearls integrates mystical, philosophical and legal elements to demonstrate how the holy book of Islam contains the key to all sciences, and aims to show the novice the most authentic way to spiritual fulfillment. Only by understanding that the Quran is a “deep sea” in which the mind and heart of the researcher are lost will one be able to overcome the boundaries that materiality or literality impose on the common man. The detailed analysis of some of the most important verses and suras of the Quran introduces the reader to the most characteristic conceptual context of Islam.

Scientific-spiritual path within the Quran

“How long will you go wandering around the shores of a sea whose eyes do not know how to grasp the wonders? Perhaps you didn’t have to reach its depths, in order to admire its stupendous spectacle, and travel to its islands, in order to collect its goods, and plunge into its depths, in order to enrich yourself with the collection of pearls? Do you not have to blame yourself for the fact that you have been excluded from the possession of precious stones and pearls because of your perseverance to look to the shores and to the exterior? Is it clear that the Quran is like an immense ocean from which all the knowledge of the ancients and moderns comes from, just as great rivers as well as streams branch off from the sea? the red sulfur, they immerse themselves in the soul to bring out the ruby ​​and the shining gem and the green chrysolite, they travel along its banks to collect the ambergris and the fragrant flowery aloe, land on its islands and from animals [che vi abitano] do they draw the powerful antidote and do the harvesting of the fragrant moss?

I will guide you then, because of the sincere brotherhood and hope that your plea will be granted, to travel as they do and with them to bathe and dive. ” [che ci lega][quei privilegiati]

Al Ghazali
Jewels of the Qur'an and Its Pearls

I already say: in this article I will try to be as concise as possible, but “Jewels of the Qur’an and Its Pearls” by Al Ghazali offers countless ideas for reflection and precisely for this account to deepen everything in a series of podcasts, where we can really go step by step in search of these wonderful pearls. The entire book is in fact a real little spiritual path within the Holy Book, allowing us to observe verses read and reread through a new and absolutely Ghazalian interpretation, able to combine mysticism with the rule over and over again. . While going to touch the most sensitive and subtle chords of the soul of the faithful, in fact, the text maintains the seriousness and discipline of a school manual, guaranteeing the reader the possibility of reaching the promised ocean without getting lost in excessive digressions and / or poetry. Unlike Rumi’s works, here there are not too many elaborate stories and / or metaphors, but everything follows a logic that, for the incredible irony of fate (al Ghazali wrote “The incoherence of the philosophers”), makes him look very much like to philosophy texts by the great European philosophers.

In fact, while maintaining very strong concepts and symbologies of the Sufi world, “Jewels of the Qur’an and Its Pearls” is a work that aims to initiate as many as possible the wonders contained in the Book, guaranteeing the possibility of reaching them. to anyone who has the patience and humility to “study” this text. Attention: I am not saying that it is a book for everyone, but that, with the right effort and the right basic knowledge (especially in an Islamic-Quranic key) it can be within everyone’s reach. It is in fact one of those texts that most of all requires a great application, repetition and reflection on the single passages, being very schematic once the mechanism is understood it is absolutely not something as intricate as some passages of Rumi and is not inferior in value and / or spiritual importance. Honorable mention also for the beautiful and long introduction by the late Campanini which will allow a greater and total immersion in the world of Al Ghazali; just be careful not to be discouraged because his language is so precise and complete that it is not always so immediate, but the introduction itself contains countless pearls of wisdom.

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