“Ramy”, a series on Islam and the second generations

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Ramy is a series on Islam and the second generations, capable of eliciting at the same time many laughs and profound reflections, a product that was missing and which you will no longer be able to do without


How can a Muslim millennial find a balance between the belief, given by religious faith, that every day lived is like a test of morality, and the desire to experience everything without thinking about the consequences? This is the question that young Ramy tries to answer, who is struggling to find a balance between family traditions – therefore practicing abstinence from alcohol and drugs and praying daily – and the typical impulses of any adolescent who has just discovered sex. Between laughter and moments of reflection, the series gives us an unprecedented perspective on the life of a Muslim in America.

The masterpiece that was missing

I want to say it right away to be very clear: Ramy is the most beautiful series I’ve seen in the last 10 years, a small masterpiece capable of making people reflect and really present the reality of second generation Islam, in all its beauty. and its difficulty; it is no coincidence that for both seasons he received a nomination for the Golden Globes, winning the statuette in 2020. Ramy is a series where sweetness and the search for oneself prevail, in search of a balance between Friday prayer and the evening on Friday. The characters are normal human beings who aspire to the Absolute but who have to deal with the earthly world and its thousand temptations, always faced with an eye to the Divine, sacred compass with which everyone will have to deal with their own accounts; the Islam presented here, however, is not the intransigent one in the Saudi Arabia style, but something extremely intimate, which affects almost only the soul, highlighting one’s conscience above the law. Everyone in the series makes mistakes, they do “haram” things and at the same time repent, aware that many of their defects are something chronic to which only a constant search for God can try to put a minimum of remedy, many times however insufficient to transform all in “halal”.

Ramy is also particularly complete because there really is every possible dynamic (and problematic) of the average “second generation” Muslim such as: family dynamics, Sufism, the relationship with the country of origin (at least 30% of the series is Egyptian dialect), with the world outside the community, with drugs, but above all with sex and extramarital affairs, one of the main and most recurring elements of the series (even if there are no nude scenes in any way). The main features are undoubtedly the beautiful writing, second to very few TV series for quality and beauty, and the countless cameos present in the various episodes, two of which will also concern the former pornstar Mia Khalifa and the Oscar winner. Mahershala Ali, who will play the shaykh Ramy’s Sufi in Season 2; in the 3rd it was confirmed the presence of Bella Hadid, even if it is not clear in what role. Also noteworthy is a soundtrack rich in tradition, such as Mohamed Abdel Wahab, as well as novelty, such as Narcy. I could spend hours talking about it in detail, but you will surely find more details in the video that I will do about it. If you have decided that it is a product for you, go to Starzplay (platform also hosted by Amazon Prime Video) or on hulu and start enjoying it, I am very curious about your opinions, for me it is a perfect series to see in Ramadan and in general it was what all Muslims and the world were waiting for.

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