Story of the tree of Judas

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The Judas tree is a plant of incredible beauty linked above all to a decisive Gospel episode

Judas tree

The Judas tree is a typical plant of Southern Europe and the Middle East, places where over the centuries it has been recognized for its incredible Easter bloom. Precisely for this aspect, with the exploit of Christianity this tree became a symbol of this festival, linking its name to it; There are two explanations for this: the first argues that Judas Iscariot gave the famous “kiss” to Jesus under the latter, while the second states that, as a result of this, he hanged himself here. As already anticipated, however, even if this tree is actually extremely present in Palestine, there are no confirmations regarding these events and it is presumable that the association is essentially due to the particular flowering period.

The Judas tree reaches about 12 meters in height and 10 meters in width, living up to about 100 years. Its use is mostly of an ornamental nature, but its gems are used in medicine to regulate vascular disorders in the arterial circulation; the flowers are edible and rich in vitamin C.

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