Stories from the book: The Tuareg and the voice of the desert

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The first of my stories: the story of a lonely Tuareg and a sublime call in the desert

My unpublished stories

What you are about to read is an unpublished story of mine taken from the novel that I started writing in the summer of 2021. In it, a main story alternates with various small stories (for now from 3 to 5 per chapter) that the protagonist narrates at the end of the day, each with its own specific meaning and “why” within the plot. In September 2021 I launched a survey on the Middle East and Surroundings Telegram channel to understand how many were interested in the project and, to my great joy and surprise, there were many votes and all of them positive. Not wanting to reveal the whole work to you, I have chosen to show you only the stories, so that you can have something absolutely new and unpublished to read and I have an extra motivation to carry it on. My ambition is to write at least one chapter a month and thus make this column a fixed appointment, but in any case the stories of each chapter will be loaded all together and only and exclusively if the latter is completely finished.

Precisely for this reason you will already find on the site all the stories of the first chapter “The sand and the wanderer”: “The Tuareg and the voice of the desert”, “The Sand Child“, “Atlas“, “The island that is not there” and “Hannibal“; and the second, which includes: “The tattooed young woman”, “Ashes of Sufis” and “Antaeus”.

Enjoy the reading!

The Tuareg and the voice of the desert

In a remote oasis in the desert, a Tuareg lived in solitude with his flock, making a living thanks to their milk and the sweet dates of the palm trees. The young man passed his time in this way and it seemed to him that he had thus found his paradise, but one day, when he was slightly away from his tent to visit the desert, a breath of wind made him hear the sweetest and most sublime voice he had. never heard, so delicate that it smells of rose. The young man then returned to his camp upset, since never before had he heard the desire for something different and for love, but the latter now ran through his entire body like intense fire.

From that moment the days passed more and more slowly, since nothing could eradicate that voice from his mind, which had now absorbed every thought and every memory, making him ignorant of himself and of the happiness that until that moment seemed Eden to him. He began to eat less, to feel discomfort to observe the goats and to process his escape. Ever stronger than him, the idea of crossing the desert made its way into his head, determined to reach that voice that by now did not even allow him to sleep since curiosity and the desire for love were so pressing.

After some time he finally decided to abandon his flock and go to the desert, relying only on his innate ability and on Destiny, a faithful companion of his people. The first days passed, but the desert remained silent, quenching its thirst for the water of the poor Tuareg, now with less and less strength and hopes, but more than ever determined to achieve its goal.

After a week he felt that his energies and resources were running low and that he would probably die that same night; at one point, however, he heard the voice, which seemed to be just a few miles away. His soul was revived like fire and he hurriedly headed with his camel in the direction from which he had heard the sweet call; so great was the fury of the nomad that the poor beast broke its legs, forcing him to walk towards the source of the coveted voice. Each step was a pain, but the heart of the Tuareg pushed him step by step closer and closer to the goal. He finally saw her: she was a woman of astonishing beauty, with skin as white as the stars and covered in a blue tunic adorned with marvelous jewels.

When the latter saw the unfortunate, she immediately rushed to help him saying: “Oh unhappy traveler, you have reached the point of death, cursed the day I came here to sing my melody!” With her last breaths, the Tuareg replied: “Blessing instead, since your song has rekindled my fire which was now extinguished by looking after the goats and dates. Your call has awakened my soul and what do I care about the world if my soul is dead? Long live the call of the Beloved, who allowed me to fall following my mission! ” The girl then replied: “Well said, since I am none other than an angel sent by God to show you the way to Heaven.”

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