Caracal, the lynx of the desert

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The Caracal is one of the most beautiful and fascinating felines present in nature, so much so that it is nicknamed “lynx of the desert”


The Caracal is a particular wild feline that populates an area between Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and India, distinguishing itself for its beauty and majestic bearing. The name “Caracal” derives from the Turkish “Karakulak” which means “black eye”, but it is also known as “Syahgosh” or “black-eared” in Pakistan and India and with the name of “desert lynx” in the Arabian Peninsula. Of medium tonnage, it can reach 40-50 cm at the withers and a weight ranging from 8 to 19 kg; in this species there is a strong sexual dimorphism and therefore the females tend to be smaller than the males. It loves desert areas and open spaces, places where it can go undisturbed at night to hunt its prey, especially birds and mammals of various sizes including hares and antelopes.


Its main feature in hunting is without any doubt the incredible speed and jump with which it reaches up to 3 meters in height; it is no coincidence that the caracal has as natural opponents animals such as wolves, lions and leopards, with the latter appearing to be its worst enemy. Mostly solitary, it mates only in the mating season and for the rest of the time it moves alone; the cures of the female last about 10 months and then the cubs separate to find their way. Even if overall the species has a minimal risk of extinction, there are many areas such as North Africa, India and the Middle East it is almost completely extinct; this is due to an increasingly pressing and massive human activity, which allows the caracal to live quietly only in East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Together with the cheetah, it was used for a long time by the Indian sultans for hunting. His detention is illegal in Italy.

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