Elbrus, at the edge of the world

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The highest mountain in Europe and a legendary place where myths and tales are set. Elbrus, with its 5642 meters is a mountain that has been able to amaze since time immemorial, still bewitching today for its beauty and majesty.

Elbrus, the summit of Europe

Located in Russia, on the border between the Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaj-Circassia region, Mount Elbrus is the undisputed peak of the Caucasus of the whole of Europe. With its 5642 meters, in fact, it even exceeds Mont Blanc (4,808 meters), becoming de facto the highest peak in Europe. However, Elbrus is not actually a mountain, but an inactive volcano whose last eruption is estimated to have occurred about 2,000 years ago. However, it must be said that the latest research was interrupted in the mid-90s due to a cut in funds, consequently, since then there has been no type of monitoring of any activities.


During the Second World War, the Elbrus will acquire particular importance in the eyes of Adolf Hitler, who particularly insisted on having his flag placed on the highest peak in Europe. Known lover of the occult, it is said that the Nazi leader was particularly enchanted by the thousands of legends that surround the area, so he decided to grab them for his sick plans.

At the edge of the world

In fact, every culture has always seen in this mountain the maximum limit in the known world, enchanted by its incredible majesty. The Greeks and Romans called it Strobilo and it seems to be the place where Zeus punished Prometheus, while for the Persians it acquired an even greater significance, becoming linked to the current name. In fact, Elbrus seems to derive from “Hara Berezaiti”, the legendary mountain mentioned in the Avesta, the sacred book of Zoroastrianism.

It seems that the legendary mountain is the home of the Simurgh, the legendary bird of the Persian world

According to this text, the Chinvat post would be placed on this mountain, a place where souls would have to pass before entering the Garonmana, the “Kingdom of endless light” where they would find Ahura Mazda, their god. Due to the incredible impact on Persian culture, similar names were given to all the main mountains and ranges, including the Alborz, whose peak is Damavand. The mystical mountain would even be found in the Shahnameh, the masterpiece written by the poet Ferdowsi which constitutes the national epic of the whole Persian world.

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