The 4 major angels

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We talk about angels and to start we choose the 4 major ones: Jibril, Mikhail, Israfil and Azrail. In the future we will also talk to you in more detail about all the angels that make up the Arab-Islamic imaginary.

The 4 majors

For Islam, the number of angels present is known only to Allah and this indicates an almost infinite number, in which, however, each one has a task and a well-established form. It would be too much to tell you about all the known ones, which is why we will start with the 4 major ones: Jibril, Mikhail, Israfil and Azrail.

Jibril, the one who taught the Quran

Certainly one of the most important messengers of Allah ever. Jibril was tasked with teaching the Prophet Muhammad the Qur’an, enabling him to complete the Revelation. It has 6 wings, each of which gives rise to another 100 different wings; behind his back he has 2 more, which only unfold before annihilating the cities, he also possesses incredible strength.


Mikhail, the embodiment of wisdom

He is in charge of the provisions of the bodies, of the wisdom and of the knowledge of souls. He lives on a huge island in the Jannah, no one knows what it looks like except the Most High but, if he were to open his mouth, the skies would be like a mustard grain compared to the sea. It gives off so much light that man would burn in their eyes.


Israfil, the angel of the trumpet

The angel in charge of transmitting orders and blowing spirits into the bodies. However, his main and most awaited task remains another. In fact, it will be he who will blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment, thus starting the Apocalypse. He has 4 wings, each facing a cardinal point, in the middle of his forehead he has a large stone on which the orders of Allah are written.


Azrail, the last angel

The angel of death, a fundamental figure for the entire muslim world. The latter is in fact often the protagonist of tales and stories, in which he reminds everyone of the inevitability of human destiny in the face of the ultimate goal. On the 15th of Sha’ban he receives the list with the names of all those who will die that year, he has a disproportionate build.

All information is taken from “The Wonders of Creation and the Oddities of Beings” by Zakariyya ibn Muhammad Al Qazwini.

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