Esteghlal, the blue part of Tehran

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After talking about the reds, today it’s the blue’s turn. We lend you Estghlal, the most international club in all of Iran.

From bicycles to the crown

In a very similar way to the bitter rivals of Persepolis, not even Esteghlal saw the light with this name, so much so that the origins are even to be found on a “cycling” sports club. In fact, the club was founded in 1945 by 3 young soldiers of the army, mostly bicycle lovers; not surprisingly, the first name of the club was Docharkhe Savaran or “the cyclists”. It will be the arrival of the legendary Ali Danaeifard to overturn the vision of the management, thanks to the phenomenal football results he produced right away. In 1946 the Docharkhe Savaran played their first match and only 3 years later they were forced to change their name, which has already become superfluous.

Taj against Persepolis in May of “75

It will then be renamed Taj or “crown”, which will be a good omen for future results, as well as the start of a deep rivalry. Unlike the Shahin, in fact, the club was much closer to the royal family, which allowed it to save itself from eventual dissolution, which did not happen to its rivals. It was precisely at that time that the first tensions between the two supporters originated, which will then give life to the legendary derby in Tehran, certainly one of the hottest in the world.

From Taj to Esteghlal

In 1970, then, the Taj will consolidate its reputation also at an international level, becoming the first team to also triumph in the Asian Cup, a result always missed by the reds. As for Persepolis, however, his fate will change in 1979. With the arrival of the Revolution there was a real revolution in football which led, more often than not, to a distortion of names and clubs. The Taj, in particular, referred to the crown, which could not possibly be tolerated and which led to an immediate change of name.

The legendary Tehran derby between Persepolis and Esteghlal

Esteghlal, or “Independence”, will then be chosen, which since then will never be changed again, continuing the fortunes that had characterized it in the past. To date the club can boast the Iranian Cup record and the Persian primacy in the Asian Cup, repeated with a success in 1991. Small curiosity: the club is currently coached by Andrea Stramaccioni, former Inter coach.

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