Al Ahly, the most titled club in the world

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We present to you the legendary Al Ahly, the most supported club in Egypt and the most titled in the world. 118 trophies, more than Milan and Juve put together, and a story that has its origins in national pride.

The origins of the myth

The club was founded in 1907 in Giza, appointing the Englishman Mitchell Ince as the first president, so as not to upset the then occupants. For some time, in fact, Egypt had been de facto under the control of the British crown and choosing a subject of the crown was a way not to worry too much for foreigners. Furthermore, Al Ahly immediately aimed to develop above all towards the students, who, at the time, were the main source of revolts against the invader.

The “derby atmosphere” in Cairo

Initially it was not conceived as a football formation, putting sport in general at the center of its interests; the love for football, however, was too great and already in 1911 the first team was formed. In 1917 the first match worthy of mention will be played: the first Cairo derby, Al Ahly against Zamalek. Already at the time the match was particularly popular given the implicit meaning it carried; the former were in fact considered “the national team” (which is also the translation of the name), while the latter were the direct representation of the occupants. The match was won by the reds, however it will be necessary to wait until 1948 before attending official competitions.

The most titled club in the world

The first official championship was won by Al Ahly, who will continue to triumph even after the 1952 revolution, becoming a strong point for Nasser. However, starting in 1962, he will go through a long period without trophies, which lasted even 13 years, from then on, however, he will win everything.

The legendary Mohamed Aboutrika

The team can in fact boast all sorts of records in this respect, as it is the most successful both locally and in Africa. To date, in fact, Al Ahly can boast 118 trophies on the showcase, more than Milan and Juve put together so to speak. An increasing success that has led him over the years to be the most popular club in all of Egypt with estimates that are around 70% of the entire population. Probably his most legendary footballer was Mohamed Aboutrika, considered one of the strongest players in the entire African history.

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