Eid al adha

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An introduction to Eid Al Adha and its links with Ishmael and the Hajj. We also take this opportunity to wish you joyful and festive days, Eid mubarak to all

Eid al adha

Barring unforeseen lunar events, Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on 11 August, the most important holiday of all on the Islamic calendar. The event celebrates the memory of Abraham and his trusting so much to Allah that he is ready to sacrifice his own son Ishmael. This episode is actually also present in the Bible, with the difference that, in the latter, it is Isaac who is almost sacrificed.


Abraham plays a very important role in Islam, being taken as an example of determination and profound faith. In fact, he was so stubborn in loving his Lord that he abandoned his land and his people in order to follow his will. The event is celebrated every year on the 10th of the lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah, which is the one during which the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina prescribed for all Muslims can be fulfilled.

In connection with Mecca

The coincidence of the two events is not causal and deeply connected to the figure of Ismael. In fact, he is considered not only as a mere prophet, but also as the progenitor of the Arab people and, together with his father, the rebuilder of the Ka’aba . According to various Islamic constructions, this building was in fact destroyed during the Great Flood and, for this reason, Abraham was ordered to rebuild it.


Just to symbolize the union between these two symbols so central and important for the Arab and Muslim world, the eid al adha also marks one of the most important moments of all for the Hajj. The pilgrimage lasts from 8 to 13 of Dhu al Hijjah, the eid, falling on 10, is then found in the middle, becoming one of its symbols thanks to the many activities prescribed to pilgrims on that day. Among the various symbols, in particular, there is one so important as to give the name to the entire festival, as well as valid also for non-pilgrims.

“Islamic Easter”

During the eid it is in fact tradition to kill a beast to give its meat to the poor and to one’s family, in memory of the aforementioned benevolence of Allah towards Abraham. Precisely for this reason the festival takes the name of eid al adha, or “festival of sacrifice” even if, due to the various Muslim populations, there are also different names to define it.


In several respects the feast closely resembles Christian Easter and this both for the symbolism associated with the animal and for its religious value. Although eid al fitr may seem the most important because it interrupts Ramadan, it is eid al adha that is considered as such, in a parallel very similar to that between Christmas and Easter.

We hope we have helped you to better understand the holiday and its value in Islam, we wish you Eid Mubarak from the bottom of our hearts. Once the article is finished we will start making the podcast version, if all goes well you should have it on 11 on fb and as soon as possible on Ig (as well as on Spotify and all the main podcasting sites).

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