Akram Mag, between reggae and hip hop

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Multifaceted artist, able to move with both rap and reggae; Akram Mag is one of the newest and most particular faces of Tunisian folk music.

Akram Mag

Actually, very little is known about Akram Mag and we have had quite a few difficulties in obtaining information about him. For example, the date of birth is unknown, while the place is known, that is, near Tunis. After a difficult childhood, he begins to travel the world, settling first in Paris and then in Damascus, before returning to his homeland. Here from 2012 he will begin to devote full time to music, transforming it in a very short time into a real profession.

His fame will grow faster and faster, even leading him to play a character in a Tunisian TV series and to record several videos with Balti. With the latter, in reality, he seems to be no longer on good terms due to an argument but, unfortunately, the motive is unknown to us. On the other hand, over the years, Akram Mag has managed to secure a leading role in the music scene, forging deep collaborations with artists such as Artmasta, Kafonand Hadi Donia.

Between reggae and rap

The style of this artist is distinguished by a constant balance between rap and reggae, without either of these ever being able to prevail over the other. Her tones are, however, undoubtedly aimed at a pop world that always sticks to it, however, everything is never forced, leaving us a feeling of lightness.

The song with Hadi Donia, “Esh Bina”, from this point of view is a perfect example, touching various elements of popular culture, but always remaining fresh. The choice of this collaboration and of the places is not accidental, also showing a sort of evolution of Tunisian popular music. The song that we prefer the most, however, is undoubtedly “Bled Ghriba”, a piece that testifies to the great closeness of the artist with absolutely reggae sounds. Perfect for as long as you want a little relaxation but not only, to keep an eye on.

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