The Football in “Timbuktu”

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We rarely tell you about a movie more than once but with “Timbuktu” it was really impossible to avoid it. Here are 3 of the most beautiful scenes of this film, in which football takes on a real universal value. Here are 3 of the most beautiful scenes of this film, in which football takes on a real universal value.

The imaginary match

Probably the most brilliant scene of the entire film, in which all the joy for this incredible game shines through. Once in Timbuktu, the new Boko Haram will immediately take care of banning football, eliminating every ball in the city and blocking a game in progress. The boys will then continue to play, but this time without the ball, so bewitched by this sport that they won’t leave it for the world.


Another incredible thing about this scene is the honesty with which these teams will continue to face each other. Within the match there will also be several sensational goals, invisible to those who do not have the love for football in their eyes.

Dying for a ball

In this scene, the terrorists discover that there is still a balloon in the city and that its owner is a very proud owner. His conviction of him will then infuriate the extremists who will then take him to court, asking him once again if he was ignorant of the laws, then receiving a decided “yes”. The sentence will then be public and very heavy, transforming the “guilty” into a real martyr of football.

Dying for a ball

A small story that shows once again the value of this “sport” on the other side of the Mediterranean, the only real source of entertainment for the people, tied to him until death. The protagonist knows very well what awaits him for having disobeyed the commands and also knows that it would take very little to satisfy these “black executioners”, but he cannot. Football is his source of leisure and freedom, how could he possibly survive for long in the desert? The healthiest decision for him can only be, albeit with healthy terror, that of accepting the penalty and trusting in the Supreme Executioner.

Zidane and talk among terrorists

We conclude with perhaps the most paradoxical scene of the entire film and which manages, with a disheartening naturalness, to show the banality of evil and the power of football. We will in fact be catapulted not only into the personal stories of the indigenous inhabitants, but also into those of the terrorists, discovering their absolute humanity. They are not discussing particular verses or particular violence but about Zidane and the French national team.

One of the two foreign fighters

Football is chosen as a tool by the director to bring out the more human side of each of us, placing football as a universal value impossible to eradicate, even in the hearts of those who seem lost.

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