Ouled el Bahdja, the Rossoneri heart of Algiers

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The first part of a journey inside USM Alger, one of the largest and most interesting clubs in Algeria, with very strong Rossoneri ties. Today we will discover in particular the Ouled el Bahdja, a group of fans who have become a musical phenomenon. Monday the second part with African Football.

Heart of the resistance

The club was founded in 1937 by the hands of 5 friends of the casbah of Algiers, with the specific intention of being a “sporting beacon” for the country’s resistance. Initially the club was called “Union Sportive Musulmane d’Alger” and this precisely to emphasize their distance from the French occupiers and their support for the national cause. It is no coincidence that the club has always been cheered by many FLN members, including Ahmed Ben Bella, the first president of free Algeria.

Ouled el Bahdja
Ahmed Ben Bella hands the cup to the USM coach Alger, right Houari Boumedienne

The latter will also have the great pleasure of seeing USM triumph in the country’s first championship, giving the cup himself to the beloved captain.

Rossoneri of Algeria

Historically affiliated with Milan, its fans are by far one of the hottest in the whole of North Africa and are known in particular for their “singing skills”. The Ouled el Bahdja, in particular, are one of the very rare cases in which a supporter becomes a real ensemble, with numbers up to the level of established stars. The passion of this fans and the warmth shown during each match, have meant that in a very short time their talent spread like wildfire, even coming to duet with local rappers and reaching several million views on Youtube.

Their link with the Milanese club, which has always been a source of many ideas for their songs, is very particular. “San Siro” and “Rossoneri” thunder very often in their pieces, giving every good Milan fan a visceral and very particular bond with this supporters, located on the other side of the sea, yet so much in love with our club. Like Milan, the club has always been characterized by an absolutely popular soul even after the Algerian liberation. It is no coincidence that many players of chaabi, “popular music”, are avid supporters and among these we cannot forget El Hadj Mohammed El Anka, de facto the first great interpreter of the genre.

We hope you enjoyed this first step in the USM Alger, on Monday the piece of African Football about the club and its history will be released, do not miss it.

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