Turkmenistan, the most detailed flag in the world

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Flags, coins and stamps, all symbols that hide very deep meanings and that can tell us about a certain country, immediately showing us some of its secrets. The flag of Turkmenistan, in particular, was judged to be the most detailed in the world.


The first thing that can catch your eye is surely the constant repetition of this number. In fact, if the white and green crescents can be easily traced back to Islam, 5 is less casual, which has great and very strong connections with Turkmenistan. On the flag we can in fact see 5 stars near the moon and 5 different symbols placed in the red band.

Yomut tribe carpet

The stars represent the five provinces of the country: Ahal, Balkan, Dašoguz, Lebap and Mary; the five symbols the major Turkmen ethnic groups: Teke, Yomut, Arsary, Chowdur and Saryk.

Lords of carpets and horses

The motifs of the flag derive directly from those used by the various populations on their carpets, in fact still today these tribes find in weaving one of their greatest pride. About 70% of the territory of Turkmenistan is occupied by the Karakum desert and this has prompted its inhabitants to develop nomadism and pastoralism. It is thanks to these customs that the country has been able to establish itself in the world as one of the excellences in this field.

A carpet from the Teke tribe

Another excellence of the place are the legendary Akhal-Teke horses, also closely linked to the local tribes. Due to the difficult environmental conditions, these equines developed an incredible endurance, combined with an absolutely out of the ordinary speed. Even today this breed is one of the national symbols of the country, as well as being one of its most prized and sought-after goods. Let us know if you would like to learn more about other flags and, if so, which ones; we will be happy to investigate for you.

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