Tamikrest, Tuareg alliance

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After taking you to Mauritania, it’s time to play a real Tuareg band. Initially inspired by the Tinariwen, Tamikrest managed to find their way into the desert, creating truly incredible rhythms and melodies

Tamikrest, Tuareg “connection”

Tamikrest in tamasheq language means “coalition / connection” and perfectly tells the story of this group, of Tuareg ethnicity but of various nationalities. Initially the band was formed in Kidal, Mali, where the guitarist Ousmane Ag Mossa and the bassist Cheick Ag Tiglia who decided to get together to take advantage of the lessons of their common teacher.

“A desert hosts us, a language unites us, a culture binds us”

Within a year and a half, Tamikrest found their complete line-up and gave life to 25 unreleased songs, thus passing from the Tinariwen covers to their own and original path.

Rock tamasheq

The rhythm of this group differs above all for the intensity, decidedly more rock than that of their illustrious predecessors. The speed reveals the soul of the band, less concentrated in the desert but a true representative of that part of Africa.

Tamikrest, just to their mixed origins, manage to bring different aspects of African music, showing however their “Tuareg version”. The slower songs, for example, will not bring us back to that calm induced by the Sun, typical of the Tinariwen, but rather to the cool evenings in the desert, perfect rest after a long walk. In turn, the faster songs show elements typical of West African culture, with a greater presence of solos than classical Tuareg music. The Tamikrest will take you to a new Sahara, made up of many nationalities but with a single Tuareg heart.

We leave you under the playlist from which we will draw in these days, suggestions are accepted.

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