Entisam, the Sharmoofers and schizophrenia

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In the avalanche of returns there are also the Sharmoofers! The Egyptian band will make its official comeback on March 8 with a new album, meanwhile they have released a new single: انفصام, “Schizophrenia”

Crazy to bind

After their single “Zombie“, the craziest band in Egypt returns to the atmosphere between horror and comedian that they had so much amused. The piece shows us Ahmed Baha and Mohammed El Arkan as mad scientists, ready to drag you a piece that manages to be as simple as it is catchy.

Also noteworthy in the video are some famous appearances for the Egyptian world, including the actors Fathy Abdel Wahab and Hend Abdel Halim.

Yet another great return

After 4 years of singles only, the Sharmoofers also return to animate the Middle East music scene, with an album that promises to be one of the most catchy ever. The fact that, together with so many musicians such as Lowkey or Mashrou ’Leila, there are also them is an even greater wealth.


They represent the after-work break, the moment of sweet madness to share with friends; very different but fundamental sensations as much as those of their colleagues. The perfect medicine to detach your head in an instant, after all the piece is called schizophrenia.

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