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8 years ago, the Egyptian people definitively ousted Hosni Mubarak from the government, completing the greatest revolution of the 21st century. There are many things that have changed since that fateful day, some of which seem to be back this year, almost as if it were a watch.

Free Egypt

On 11 February 2011, the Egyptian army officially announced that former head of state Hosni Mubarak has resigned and that they will lead the transition process until the next elections. An incredible result and before then not even remotely dreamed of in the Arab world. This revolution in fact gave an incredible wave of freshness to the cultural and artistic panorama of the Arab world, transforming it forever.

On February 10, after hearing the decision to “accompany the country to its constitutional phase”, the people show their shoes in Tahrir Square in protest

This wave of hope has survived to this day, ignoring what happened in Egypt, and giving birth to an ever increasing number of talents. The so-called “Arab Spring”, in fact, has the historical merit of being the first to use the Internet as a means of free circulation of ideas.

Rivoluzione culturale

Thanks to this tool, in fact, the demonstrators could communicate from various places in the city, communicating demonstrations and police movements. The impact of the internet is devastating even in the part preceding the actual Revolution, in fact its role in spreading all the injustices perpetrated up to then by the police and beyond is undeniable.

Omar Offendum

It is no coincidence that 2011 is the year of the beginnings of artists like Omar Offendum and Lowkey’shigh point. On the art scene we can mention eL Seed or the beginnings of Basma Hamdy. Thanks to the Egyptian Revolution, we truly understood that unity is strength and never being afraid to do the right thing. A lesson that, historically, the arts are responsible for showing.


For Chinese culture, this is one of the luckiest numbers ever, synonymous with infinity and prosperity. With the passage of time we are realizing more and more that, perhaps, there must be a minimum of truth in their predictions. Just a little while ago we noticed in fact how many events happened 8 years ago and how many of these are returning right now. From the many artists who, just this year, have decided to make their return, to the increasingly insistent political riots in different parts of the world.


We do not venture into the world of forecasts, from experience it is better not to do them, the fact is that this 2019 is remembering 2011 better and better, whether it is just a coincidence or not, we just have to find out.

We take this opportunity to announce that, as we too are superstitious, today we intend to purchase the WordPress premium package. Let’s hope it bodes well

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