The return of Lowkey

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Lowkey is back, and he’s heavier than ever. The Anglo-Iraqi rapper and activist will make his definitive return on April 25, in the meantime enjoy his latest track “The return of Lowkey”, it’s a bomb

8 years later

“Soundtrack to the Struggles” was released in 2011, the latest album by this extraordinary artist. That latest album showed a Lowkey in top form, ready to really take off in the Olympus of the great rappers. Committed and solid texts, many words but each of these placed there with its own specific function. A flow able to remain faithful to its origins, but adapting itself to each piece in order to give it the right tone.


A truly 360 ° artist who however began, according to the British government, to dare too much. Kareem Dennis, this is his real name, speaks of Iraq (his mother’s place of origin), politics and genocide, without fear of reminding us of the filth committed by the Obama administration. A trip to Palestine is then the straw that will overflow the camel’s back, prompting the local police to be more and more uncompromising towards the musician. Shortly after returning from Gaza, they made a surprise search of his home, prompting him to write “Terrorist? -Pt.2”. It seems that it was this event that pushed him further and further away from the scene, unsubscribing from social networks in 2012.

He comes back

He had already made his reappearance in 2016 with “Ahmed” a piece that appeared only on YouTube and which referred to the tragedy of migrants in the Mediterranean, but now we are serious. After Omar Offendum and the A-WA, Lowkeyis also ready to return to the scene. The album will be released on April 25th and will be called “Sountrack to the Struggle Vol.2”, in the meantime we can enjoy “The Return of Lowkey”, the first single released and which deals with the imminent return to the scene.

Just listen to this song to be sure that something really great and powerful is coming, able to make us see these years as a preparation for what will be a real rebirth. The voice is warm, the rhymes are sharp, he is back the greatest rapper of the British underground scene, “The Real King of England” is back.

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