Mudbira, the return of the A-WA

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After 3 years, the A-WA, 3 most feminist and pop sisters from all over Yemen, are back, ready to amaze you once again with music.


The three sisters make a return with fire and flames, announcing their return with “Mudbira”. The new single is a real hymn to feminism and pop, of course in the A-WA style. The video shows us 3 fierce shepherdesses who will make the skin of the Bedouin macists and invaders, all with strokes of colors and music, able to take us to a Middle East very similar to the works of Hassan Hajjaj, between ancient and underground.

Their music, we recall, is a reinterpretation of the piyyutim, the folk songs of Yemeni Jews, sung in a dialect almost identical to Arabic. The three Haim sisters are relaunching more charged than ever for a year that will surely see them as protagonists, starting from this song. We found it to be both fierce and carefree, one of the best ways to wake up with “oriental vibes”. The video is spectacular and there is also a certain taste for sets and costumes, a style that is now their trademark.

Intercontinental Tour

As a result, A-WA are back on tour as well and this can only be fantastic news for all their fans around the world. The tour will in fact see New York as the first stop, then Tel Aviv and a lot of Europe. If by chance you live in Germany, Switzerland or the Netherlands, it might be the right time to get to know one of the most interesting groups in the Middle East scene in person. In doubt, we put here all the dates for their concerts, as well as leave you their facebook and Instagram page.

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