Mark Eliyahu and the kamancheh

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An incredible discovery that allowed us to enter the magical world of Persian and Azerbaijani music. Mark Eliyahu’s art of blending such ancient instruments with modern rhythms is something incredible

A story of music

Mark Eliyahu is an artist born in the ’80s in Dagestan but he moved with his family to Israel for 6 years. His entire family is made up of musicians and from the age of 4 Mark was taught the art of the violin, the real love, however, will be born at the age of 16. He attends a concert by Habib Aliyev, a great kamancheh player, and falls in love with this instrument, so much so that he goes to study it first in Greece and then in Azerbaijan. Mark Eliyahu

Once back from these long pilgrimages, he will finally begin his career as a musician, with a welcome surprise. In fact, he will discover that his grandfather was also a great player of this instrument; considering that his father is a well-known tar player, another Persian instrument, one cannot help but consider him the future of this genre.

Straddling the worlds

Mark Eliyahu’s music immediately strikes for its poetry and its delicacy, a music that shows itself in all its originality without frightening. The melodies are undoubtedly oriental but they do not close the door to the West, opening instead a new look on hidden treasures.

Mark Eliyahu
Mark Eliyahu with the Kamancheh

The melodies of Eliyahu enchant and surprise, enveloping and penetrating like dervish dances, they manage to take the listener to different universes never heard before. With an instrument as exotic as it is incredible as the kamancheh, this artist will take you into his culture and into his rhythms, making you dream of distant lands and times. A very welcome discovery from Spotify that has bewitched us right from the start and that, we are sure, will enchant even the most skeptical. This artist represents, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the excellences regarding mizrahim music, we can’t wait to let you try it.

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