“Ali G” by Sacha Baron-Cohen

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Sacha Baron-Cohen’s first film: Ali G Indahouse.

Ali G Indahouse

Desperate to avoid the closure of the ‘John Nike Leasure Center’, Ali G (who runs an alternative club inside), chained himself to a bus stop. In this way he attracts the attention of the vice president in search of a local intellectual to be held in the by-elections.

Ali G
Martin Freeman, Sacha Baron Cohen and Tony Way

Thanks to the support of his friends, Ali G becomes a deputy and the prime minister’s right-hand man. But behind everything that seems like an incredible dream, there is actually a very clear political plan. Chancellor Charlton intends, in fact, to exploit the young man’s political inexperience to bring down the government in office.


Sacha Baron Cohen has always been a master to provoke and Ali G is undoubtedly one of his most successful creatures, as well as being the first. The character is something so ignorant and trashy that it gives life to one gag after another, each crazier than the other. Suffice it to say that to resolve a war she corrects tea with marijuana, or that she will enact a law to allow only beautiful girls to enter England. Ali G

A thousand thousand scenes with sexual references and even more those in which the absurd will overcome the imagination, forcing the viewer to constant laughter between bitterness and trash.

Italy, between fantasy and reality

Honestly, we didn’t think about bringing this film, we were already preparing something more serious about slavery in Tunisia (today its definitive abolition is celebrated), but the latest news has called us. Perhaps it is useless to explain to you the strange feeling I felt after seeing this film and thinking about Lino Banfi.

Ali G

In fact, if once the behavior of Ali G seemed absurd, today all in all they are quite familiar. The yellow deputy premier, like Ali G, has never worked and throws blunders one after the other; the green vice premier, on the other hand, is focused on making the selection of who to let in. Really, when fantasy and reality are indistinguishable. Ah, Ali G also had his own TV show, he even interviewed Donald Trump once.

P.s. the film is the most politically incorrect, suitable only if taken with the right spirit. You can find it on Youtube along with some episodes of the show.

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