The Millionaire

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The Indian masterpiece par excellence, winner of 8 Oscars. An unmissable film that, through a wonderful love story, tells the new India.

The Millionaire

The MillionaireIt is the moment of truth in the studios of the television show in India “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. In front of an astonished audience, and under the dazzling lights of the studio, the young Jamal Malik, who comes from the slums of Mumbai (Bombay), faces the last question, the one that could win him the sum of 20 million rupees. The host of the program refuses to believe that a slum boy can know all the answers and so has him arrested.

Going over the questions one by one, Jamal reconstructs the story of his life spent on the road, trying to find the girl who has always loved him.

Indian masterpiece

The Millionaire
Irfan Khan in The Millionaire

The film is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best ever produced away from Hollywood. Not only for the emotional charge it transmits (we’ll get to that later), but also for the vastness of the project. The film, based on the novel by Vikas Swarup, shows us the whole of Indian society with all its problems and dangers. But not only dangers linked to hunger, Boyle immediately flaunts the massacres between Hindus and Muslims before our eyes, a very heavy social criticism that is sometimes belittled.

The desire to fully tell India is also demonstrated by the choice of the cast, made up of some of the best Bollywood actors ever. A way to really tell this country, showing it to the world through the eyes and emotions of its inhabitants.

A moving tale

The MillionaireWhen a film arouses so many sensations it is always difficult to talk about it, in great works everyone can see their own and this is the case. For us “The Millionaire” more than a love story is even more a story about hope and determination. Jamal in this story has a dream so beautiful that nothing will ever be able to corrupt him. Not poverty and hunger, not blood and fear, since there is nothing he desires more than being with his loved one.

Jamal doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to reach his goal, but he doesn’t want to stop trying, as nothing makes sense without her gaze; it is precisely in this way that destiny is changed.

The final scene alone deserves the Oscar for the pathos it generates, in this already very strong film. I don’t think there are any comments to make on such a beautiful film, it is only advisable to view it, if you are a novice even more so. Follow us on our facebook, YouTube and Instagram page, every like, sharing or support is welcome and helps us to dedicate ourselves more and more to our passion: telling the Middle East.

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