Jah Khalib, the greatest Kazakh rapper in Russian world

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Jah Khalib is one of the most popular artists of Kazakhstan and Russian-speaking countries, able to involve with beats and suggestions never seen before

Jah Khalib, the story

Jah Khalib was born on 29 September 1993 in Almaty, in Kazakhstan, with the name of Bakhtiyar Mamedov; Son of an Azerbaijani and a Kazakh woman linked to the Mongolian Naiman clan, from an early age he became passionate about music and rap, so much so that he studied the saxophone and then enrolled in the Kazakh National Conservatory. Initially he stands out as a beatmaker and sound producer of other local artists, managing to emerge more and more thanks to a wise use of social media, which will lead him to establish himself very quickly both in Kazakhstan and in Russia and in the other countries of the former Soviet Union. From 2014 he begins to release the first songs, but 2016 will be the decisive year with 3 albums published: “Джазовый грув“, “Всё что мы любим” and “Если чё, я Баха“, great hits that allow him to prepare its consecration which takes place between 2017 and 2018.

In the spring of 2017 he releases his first video for the single “Лейла”, in June of the same year he will be awarded as “Best Discovery” at the MUZ-Tv awards and finally in 2018 he will release his album “E.G.O.“, thanks to which will win the Golden Gramophone for “Medina”. From 2019 he moved to Kiev and from there he dedicated himself more than ever to music, churning out 7 EPs and singles and 3 albums, all extraordinarily popular between Russia and the former Soviet Union.

True Kazakh rap

Although almost all of Jah Khalib’s songs are in Russian, the atmosphere is always different from that of other rappers such as Tenca or Khalif, maintaining a different “aura” from that perceived in Moscow or St. Petersburg, while still giving always the idea of not being like everyone else. Some videos like Medina, then, will really show you what it means to combine Kazakhstan and rap in a mind-blowing result.

His pieces are all a pleasure to the ear and ideal both for sports and for a moment of relaxation alone or with friends. I know that there are many people who like to understand what the songs say, and in this case it could actually be complicated but, given the now great popularity, English translations should be available on several dedicated sites. In general Jah Khalib turns out to be one of the best and most successful Russian-speaking rappers, proposing musicality that draws only the best of the USA, but reworking it with a style that he does not know so much about Russia as about “post Soviet Union”; a must try, especially if you want to practice your Russian.

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