Asadi, tar and trap, the new Persian electronic music

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Asadi is an extraordinarily talented artist, able to give a bucket of fresh water to traditional Persian melodies, revitalizing them with a skilful use of electronic music

Asadi and the birth of Persian trap music

Daniel Asadi was born about 24 years ago in Columbus, Ohio, USA, to a family who came here from Iran. From a very young age he proves to be a great music lover, so much so that when he is 5 he already plays the piano and soon after he learns to juggle the guitar; however, it will be a journey made at the age of 14 that will change his life forever. That year he will in fact go with his family to Iran, coming into contact with musical universes which, although already heard at home, manage to astonish and shock him, so much so that once he returns to the States, his musical path will vary forever. The young Daniel is in fact shocked at how such ancient and traditional rhythms still manage today to shake peoples and cultures, seeing an incredible familiarity with how music is conceived today in the USA; this is where the wonderful plan is born.

Back home he will start studying tar and sitar, determined to invent a real genre: Persian trap music. In fact, his project is to give new life to traditional melodies as beautiful as they are not very similar to today’s tastes, allowing them to shine once again with new and prestigious garments. Since 2014 he has published 50 singles and EPs, contributing to an increasingly widespread and solid diffusion of this new and extraordinary genre.

The new Persia is here

Asadi’s rhythms and melodies are without a shadow of a doubt among the most beautiful discoveries made on Spotify last year, enriching a piece whose lack was becoming more and more painful every day. Those who follow me will have understood by now: this is the kind of musical operations that I absolutely appreciate most, it is no coincidence that Asadi has quickly become one of my points of reference for Persian music. Figures like him, that of Tinariwen, Habib Belk, CVRTOON and HU, not only good for music, but are necessary so that we can truly appreciate that immense cultural heritage that otherwise risks disappearing.

What Asadi brings is in fact a bucket of cold water on splendid jewels but now dusty by time, providing the opportunity for everyone to enjoy their beauty. Its music and its sounds are exactly the typical and traditional ones of Persian music, but the pieces are more contemporary than ever, appearing almost as if they were conceived today. If you have come this far you have to listen to it by force, I can’t think of any reason in the world why you shouldn’t like it and an infinity for which you will be bewitched.

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