The Caucasian Shepherd Dog

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The Caucasian shepherd dog is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best examples of herd guardian dog, as legendary and indomitable today as it has been over the centuries.

The origins of the Caucasian sheepdog

The origins of the Caucasian shepherd dog are to be found in ancient times and coincide more or less with the appearance of herding. Like the Turkmen Alabai, this breed is one of the first to be formed and is among the few actually “forged by nature”. Since its appearance it was in fact used as a guardian of the flocks in the Caucasus mountains, a truly extreme place and task thanks to which mother nature made a very strict selection. The characteristics matured over the centuries, in fact, are the only ones that allowed it to exist, providing it with a truly rare charm and grace.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Thanks to its great physicality, this shepherd dog became for a long time the companion of invincible warriors, accompanying them both in the pasture and in battle and making his fame spread more and more. It is no coincidence that the Georgian nobility developed an incredible love for these animals, so much so that on numerous noble banners you can find dogs really similar to him. With the arrival of the Russians in the Caucasus, this animal also spread to the courts of the tsars and to the Cossack camps; according to various sources, this is also due to the singular appearance of this dog which recalls that of the bear, an animal symbol of Russian culture.

Soviet revival

Following the Second World War this breed literally risked disappearing, so much so that the Soviet government did more than ever to restore it to life through a cross between a Turkish Karabash and some Azerbaijani dogs. Over time, the Soviet government not only succeeded in reviving a race very similar to the original one, but even began to spread it throughout its territory.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

In fact, the Caucasian shepherd dog became a real symbol of the Soviet world, so much so that this breed was the one guarding the Berlin Wall and many gulags scattered throughout Russia. At that time, however, it was also reintroduced into the civilian population, with real bonuses for those who decided to entrust it with their own care and a roof to stay under. Even with the collapse of the USSR, this splendid breed was confirmed as one of the most loved in the Caucasus and in the whole of Russia, continuing to fascinate the world with its incredible beauty and majesty.


Temperamentally, this dog is a perfect example of herd guardian dogs: alert, intelligent, in love with their master, wary of strangers, courageous and invincible temper. Even after many years, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog maintains the characteristics that have led it to become the protector of many families and their fate, representing a perfect example of a defense dog.

The males at the withers are not less than 65 cm tall while the females not less than 62 cm, while the ideal weight of the former is about 50 kg and the latter 45 kg. The color of the coat is mostly gray with shades.

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