Fatima Bouhtouch, the Arab and the man

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A unique talent, in love with his origins and who today shows us some of his most beautiful texts. Here you are: Fatima Bouhtouch.


Fatima Bouhtouch

F: One of my greatest sources of inspiration is nature and, in it, my reference point is the trees with their roots firmly on the ground and the branches projected to the sky. That’s Arabic. A language with strong roots that gives life to countless words to describe the world.

حرب and حب

Fatima Bouhtouch

Bringing Fatima and her lyrics is always something that fills us with pride, we hope it can be considered “our Christmas present”, which arrived right at the end of this fantastic week. Here you will find her social networks: Facebook and Instagram. Follow us on our facebook page, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, or on our Telegram channel. Any like, sharing or support is welcome and helps us to dedicate ourselves more and more to our passion: telling the Middle East ..

Fatima Bouhtouch

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