The return of Omar Offendum

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Immigration and paternity in the new single “Close my eyes” by Omar Offendum, all accompanied by the qanun of the Palestinian Sarouna.

Close my eyes

The song is a moving love letter from the artist towards his father, grandfather and the sacrifices that brought them from Syria to the States. The tribute to the past, however, is linked to the rebirth represented by the son of Omar himself, thanks to which he becomes able to truly understand the strength of the parent.

Probably the song where the artist manages to get more naked with his audience, thanks to a new awareness of himself and the world. In the video, everything is also represented by the alternation of photographs of the father and the videos of Offendum with his son, in addition to the qanun that is based on hip hop.

Omar Offendum, rap and poetry

We have always loved this artist for his ability to “look beyond”, probably the hope that all second generation Arabs should have. Omar Offendum takes us once again to his world, halfway between today’s Los Angeles and the Syria of his fathers, the culture of the future. A company that celebrates its past but without remaining to contemplate it. Omar Offendum

There is no recipe for success as there is no one for heaven, the fatigue of our fathers must be experienced every day on your own skin. The motivation, however, is found in the smile of our children, ready to show us the wonders of the future, everything we need before facing the fatigue.

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