Redstar Radi, the real Tunisian rap

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One of the most interesting rappers of the Tunisian underground scene. Comparable to characters such as Omar Offendum and Quf, Redstar Radi is the artist who best represents the rap of his golden years, leading us to increasingly rare atmospheres.

Redstar Radi

He was born in Sousse in 1982 and in 2009 he made his debut on the international scene together with the group he founded: Redstar. He will record over 150 songs with the band, only to then choose to start his solo career in 2013. He will keep “Redstar”, but to this he will add Radicali, often abbreviated to Radi, a name that fully expresses his world of understanding music.

The first success will be Donya, very shortly followed by Train and Polika, 3 jewels that consecrated him on the local scene, allowing his fame to grow even beyond the borders. In 2015 he will produce his greatest success ever: Letter to my Son, considered by many to be a pearl of the Tunisian underground.


Redstar Radi is part of that very close circle of rappers who use music as a means to express themselves, better if far from success and closer to their ideas. Examples of this type are characters such as Omar Offendum, Quf and Shadia Mansour, artists who have always been linked to very specific ideas and philosophies, who have strongly influenced their path and their texts.

With the name of Redstar Radicali, on the other hand, it does nothing to hide them but, as a normal consequence, do not expect incredible numbers. His music is not for everyone but only for true hip hop lovers, especially those of the early years. Unlike Balti, Akram Mag and, albeit to a lesser extent, Kafon, Redstar does not seek contact with pop in any way, bringing us back to almost legendary atmospheres to which we are less and less accustomed.

The rap we like

Personally we have never appreciated that rappers who tell us how much they smoke, have fun or are big, we prefer those who take full advantage of the medium. The ideal correspondent of rap is poetry and we, as lovers of Mahmoud Darwish, cannot help but enjoy when rhythm is added to it. The perfect case of this in Redstar’s discography is the album “Back to the roots” in which, in addition to the usual rapping, there is also a truly incredible base, able to blend perfectly with his style. If you love the Golden Age of hip hop you will thank us for a long time.

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