The Arabs in Vikings

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Vikings, an incredible series that never ceases to amaze with a moving Andalusia and the Arab Empire increasingly present even in Viking minds.


Vikings is a series set in the 9th century AD. between Scandinavia and the British Isles, which tells the adventures of the Viking warrior Ragnarr Loðbrók in a fictional way. He was the first of his people to arrive in Great Britain, managing to transform the Vikings from local raiders to real threats to Europe.

Bjorn Ragnarrson

Over time, however, the series will also show us the history of his dynasty, united as its progenitor by an inexhaustible thirst to explore. It will be his son Bjorn in particular to lead his people in the Mediterranean, crossing the Pillars of Hercules and knowing the beauty of our sea.

The Mediterranean

After having found a map in Paris, Ragnarr’s son in the South. In the French capital, in fact, legends about Rome and the Romans abound and the Nordic people are looking for new stimuli. On their journey, however, they will find Andalusia, a mysterious land that is decidedly different from everything on which their eye had rested. The Vikings, however, will then be urgently recalled to their homeland and this will immediately end their presence in Spain. The desire for the Mediterranean, however, is only on pause, it will not be long in coming back.

The emir Ziyadat Allah I

In fact, a few years later Bjorn will return south, this time towards Sicily. In fact, he has heard of the treasures that this island hides and, as the son of Ragnarr, he will not hesitate to explore it. Here he will meet the Byzantines and the legendary Ziyadat Allah, the emir who will then conquer Sicily, making Palermo the most beautiful city in the world, second only to Cordoba.

Strong emotions

Personally, the scene in Andalusia has deeply moved me. In the chaos generated by the Viking landing, in fact, the direction makes us follow a character in particular: Floki, the Shipbuilder. He is one of the most faithful ever to the Viking cults, so much so that he even quarrels with Ragnarr when he makes friends with a Christian.

Floki in mosque

Faced with the call of the adhan (the call to prayer), however, he is mute. He can make out the muezzin’s voice in the chaos of the guerrillas and follows the sound through the crowd. He will find himself in front of the mosque almost dazed and scared by the magic that is moving inside him. Once through the door, however, surprise will dominate him. He sees men kneeling in front of nowhere, no image or gold adorn the mosque. Floki is enchanted by all this and when his compatriots enter he will defend the faithful, too bewitched by their faith in something intangible. As a Muslim he was incredibly moving, thank you.

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