Sharmoofers, OutKast of Egypt

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The Sharmoofers are a band that in recent years has been able to make its way in Egypt with more and more strength and spirit of initiative. An overwhelming rhythm that has nothing to do with the rest of the Arab world and that has managed to bewitch for its strength.


The group was founded in 2012 in Cairo by Ahmed Bahaa and Mohammed El 3Arkan, their idea was to propose a different type of music, something to be able to express themselves in absolute joy, caring only for the joy of their audience.

Mohammed El 3Arkan and Ahmed Bahaa

They are the first to bring reggae and funky to Egypt, rhythms that have always been a rare commodity in this part of the world. The public and the insiders soon notice them and in a short time their band will be enriched with other 5 new members, composing one of the most particular musicalities of the Middle East.

Halfway between black and Arabic rhythm

The music of the Sharmoofers brings a hybrid between Jamaican reggae and OutKast’s hip hop, with melodies all made in the Middle East in between. The American duo is probably the one that most resembles him both in terms of irony and sounds, both groups then act mainly as entertainers.

The cover of their latest album: Paranoia

In a 2014 interview, in fact, the Egyptians stated that their only goal was to entertain their audience, distancing them at least for a moment from the problems that afflict them. So do not expect incredible words but a pace that will not leave indifferent even the most stoic Taliban.

Music of the new millennium

The Sharmoofers can fit perfectly into that great group of Arab artists who came to light only after the Arab Spring and who are now finally seeing the results of their hard work. To the great group made up of Cairokee, JadaL and Mashrou ’Leila.

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