Serial (Bad) Weddings

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After “The Intouchables” French cinema returns to entertain us by tackling current issues with lightheartedness and irreverence. “Serial (Bad) Weddings” is a movie that will make you laugh from start to finish and that could also teach you something new.

Serial (Bad) Weddings

Claude and Marie Verneuil are a quiet, bourgeois Catholic and conservative couple who raised 4 daughters according to the principles of tolerance, integration and openness that are in the genes of French culture. But fate puts them to the test – not once but 4 times! The first bitter bite comes when their eldest daughter decides to marry a Muslim. But then the second chooses a Jew and the third a Chinese. By now all their hopes of attending a traditional church wedding are pinned on the youngest daughter who finally, thank goodness, has met a good Catholic …

Serial (Bad) Weddings

There are an Arab, a Jew, an Ivorian and a Chinese …

The film takes full advantage of all the comic verve of an extreme situation, showing us not only how genres fit together in the French community, but also with each other. Right from the start we also witness the prejudices between the various communities, something very often underestimated but nowadays more and more significant. In fact, in a country like France the communities have been stable for a longer time and this has meant that each one developed “its own point of view”.

Serial (Bad) Weddings

However, it will be the arrival of the 4th son-in-law to overturn the cards on the table, surprising from every point of view.

The two fathers

Probably the part that I loved most ever, also because it dispels several myths with a smile. In fact, it is said that Africa always welcomes everyone indiscriminately, regardless of skin, sex, religion etc …; Mr. Koffi, however, will not show the same opinion, showing himself with deep-seated prejudices and a total distrust of “whites”.

Serial (Bad) Weddings

Contributing to the mistrust is the multiculturalism of the Verneuils, whom he initially called “communists”. The knowledge of his future consuocero, however, will push the two to open their horizons, leading them to take the photo you see above.

The comedy of the future

Serial (Bad) Weddings is a fantastic example of a film that manages to deal with strong themes without giving up the spectator’s smile. We would like more comedies like this and less “native in exotic places”.

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