The 4 major angels: Michael

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Michael, for Jews and Christians the angel of battle and for Muslims that of wisdom

The angel of wisdom

“It is in charge of the provisions of bodies, of the wisdom and knowledge of souls. Ka’b al Ahbar said:” In the seventh heaven there is a swollen sea, on which there are as many angels as God wants, and Michael is the one who rules that swollen sea. “

“The wonders of creation and the oddities of beings” by Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

Michele is, together with Gabriel, the only angel to be expressly mentioned in the Holy Quran; a fact that testifies to its incredible importance within the Islamic world. Jibril has the task of spreading news and knowledge, while Michele seems to focus on maintaining the wisdom of the world. However, recognizing Islam as the biblical revelation, many say that it was also among the 3 angels who visited Abraham, but there is no unanimity on this. Together with Gabriel, he would also have a “military” task but in Islam this is practically irrelevant.

Mikhail’s appearance

“It has the same color as Gabriel. Its dress is red, above which he wears a blue one. It has a cloak decorated like a crown, pink in color. […] The visible part of the wings is green, pink. , white, red, the hidden one, God only knows what it’s like. “

“The wonders of creation and the oddities of beings” by Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

Furthermore, according to Ka’b al Ahbar, it would be so large that, if he were to open his mouth, the skies inside would be like a mustard grain facing the sea.

In Judaism and Christianity

In the old testament it is mentioned 3 times and all of them in the Book of Daniel, specifically from chapter 10 to 12, the most prophetic section of the whole book. Here a mysterious figure wrapped in linen (which reminds me personally of Gabriel) will reveal to him various events that the Israelites will have to face, but they will be able to count on Michael; the latter is also mentioned in relation to the End Times, in which he will be a great protagonist. Very interesting that, in Hebrew, the name “Mikhail” literally means “Who is like God?” in reference to the sentence that he would have pronounced while confronting the Devil.


In the Christian world this role of “celestial warrior” becomes the main connotation, so much so that his clash with Satan is mentioned both in the Apocalypse of John and in the Letter of Jude.

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