The 4 major angels: Gabriel, the messenger of God

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Gabriel is God’s favorite messenger, the one who was entrusted with the task of announcing the birth of Isaac, Jesus and John the Baptist, as well as revealing the Koran to the Prophet Muhammad

Gabriel, the messenger of God

“He is the keeper of revelation and the keeper of holiness. He is called the Faithful Spirit, Spirit of Holiness, the Great Revelator, the Peacock of the Angels.”

“The wonders of creation and the oddities of beings” by Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

Gabriel is without a shadow of a doubt the most loved angel in Islam, also by virtue of his very close connection with the true miracle of Islam: the Quran. It was he who revealed the Holy Book to the Prophet, confirming his very important role. Islam, in fact, also recognizes Isaac, Jesus and John the Baptist as prophets and all their births were announced by Jibril (Arabic version of “Gabriel”). However, he is not just a mere ambassador, and it is no coincidence that it was he who destroyed Sodom and allowed the Muslim victory in Badr.

Jibril’s appearance

“It has a white face that tends a little to red and two curls that go down to the tip of the wings, one on each side. It has no sandals. Its dress cannot be described, there are so many colors and the beauty of its workmanship . On his head it has a white turban, with a flap hanging over his face and one over his mouth […] “.

“The wonders of creation and the oddities of beings” by Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

According to Ka’b al Ahbar, then, Jibril would have 6 wings, on each of which there would be another 100 wings. However in the Islamic tradition it is also said to be so astounding that even the Prophet fainted at the sight of his true appearance.

Judaism and Christianity

As regards the Jewish narrative, if we exclude the long and complex kabbalistic question, there are no particular differences with what the Quran says; except that, in the Book of Daniel, he interprets the latter’s dreams.


A slightly different speech with regard to the Christian tradition, in which he would also be the sounder of the trumpets of the Day of Judgment, a function that in Islam is performed by Israfil and in Judaism by God himself. It must be said, however, that despite having inherited this attribute by now, it is never mentioned in any of the Christian sacred texts and its debut “as a musician” took place only in 1382 thanks to John Wycliff.

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