JadaL, Jordanian rock

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One of the most historical groups ever in the Arab world, able to bring a completely new genre to this part of the world.


Jadal means “controversial” in Arabic and immediately indicates the group’s idea of deviating from the crowd. If you bring a genre like grunge-rock to the Middle East, then, you are definitely going to be something controversial. The group was founded in 2003 by Mahmoud Radaideh and sees its first exploit with the rearrangement of “El Tobah” by singer Abdel-Halim Hafiz.


The fact caused a scandal right away. The piece was completely transformed into something absolutely new which, however, made people ecstatic. The piece had an immediate impact on JadaL’s career by drawing the attention of other central groups of the underground Arab scene to them. In fact, soon after came the collaboration with the Palestinian group DAM with whom they composed the piece Ya Bani Adam. From 2003 to today the group has acquired an increasingly consolidated notoriety in the Arab scene, going on several occasions to tour the States.

A “traditional rock”

The main skill of JadaL, and of Redaideh in particular, is to be able to overturn the typical sounds of Arab music, without however alternating the key points. It is the sound that changes but the melody remains the same, thus managing to bring a genre that comfortably finds its place in this musical panorama. A concept of music very similar to that carried out by Mashrou ’Leila.


Redaideh’s talent with the guitar is truly incredible. You always have the certainty that the sound is sought after as much as possible, as well as the desire to show one’s technical skills. There are pieces like Ess in which this incredible ability is enhanced to its maximum power, in those cases it will be a real pleasure for your ears.

Currently the best Arab rock group

JadaL are controversial in the sense that they manage to combine 2 very different styles and make them at their best. Whether you are a lover of light rock, whether you are a lover of Arabic music, you can only appreciate this group for skill, resourcefulness and sounds. Have a good listening

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