“Un mondo che non esiste più” by Tiziano Terzani

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A book that brings back memories of a time that no longer exists. In this work all the most beautiful photographs by Tiziano Terzani are collected, a treasure not to forget the past

Un mondo che non esiste più

Tiziano Terzani was not only a journalist, but also a photographer and often accompanied his reportages with his own shots. The image is a need, he said, where words alone are not enough. Those photos then locked them up in large boxes hoping to one day be able to reorganize them. His idea of making a book out of it, as his are the texts, published and unpublished, which accompany the photographs.

The Imam says: “Allah has given us only one heart. Either you have one faith or another. Or you believe in Islam or communism.”

Thus we will finally see places and faces described in his books, the mysterious east: “I went there in search of the other, of everything I did not know, in pursuit of ideas, of men, of stories I had only read about” . Reports simple, beautiful, true, with people met by chance or by kings, guerrillas or religious.

Almost as if it were a film, we will see Terzani cycling into China in the 1980s or riding a horse to visit the Mustang wizard-healer, among the ruins of the ancient and often disturbing symbols of the modern. Shot after shot, he follows his path that leads him from the drama of war and the great events of history to his quiet refuge in the Himalayas.

A personal book

Even today I have to thank Barbara Badioli who gave it to me for my 16 years. From this book comes my passion for writing and telling others. I remember that when he arrived at the house I hardly gave it any weight but when I opened it the world appeared before me. I finally observed what was beyond Italy and Europe and finally discovered how varied and wonderful the world can be.

Since then Tiziano Terzani has always been a teacher for me and in particular I have always loved the purity he put into everything. He refused to start from a preconceived idea and always tried to identify himself with the other, managing to discover wonders that no one had ever seen before. A man who sought the union of peoples and who was never afraid to affirm his thoughts. If you are on this page it means that you will love it as much as I did.

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Tiziano Terzani

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