The Night Manager

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The Night Manager, the series based on the novel by John le Carré is a classy thriller that will drag you from Cairo to Istanbul. A series that makes refinement its strong point, bringing to mind stories that seem suspended in time.

The Night Manager

Jonathan Pine is a former British Army soldier who made a living working as a hotel manager. While carrying out his assignment in a hotel in Cairo, he falls in love, reciprocated, with one of the guests who is killed a few days later by the son of a powerful politician linked to the trafficking of arms sold by the unsuspected tycoon Roper. Several years later, while working in a Swiss hotel, he meets Roper who is staying there with the whole family and his entourage.

Before killing the woman known in Cairo, Pine is warned in secret by Angela Burr, an agent of the secret service. After the meeting in Switzerland with Roper, Pine decides to re-contact Angela to frame Richard Roper. Pine tries to enter the black market in weapons and thus approach Roper, but will have to contend with Corkoran, Roper’s minion. To complicate things will be the attraction between Pine and Roper’s girlfriend, Jed.


Elegance is the lady of this series, also accompanied by an exoticism that is never too hidden. The style and setting are very reminiscent of the first James Bond or British films of this type, obviously with strengths and weaknesses. The characters in fact exploit the places but there is never a real contact with the premises, everything is a great theater where the two characters chase each other in a play of light and shadow.

Having said that, all the places are treated in detail and the fact that all the protagonists are businessmen “enriches” the whole even more. The series was a triumph of audiences and critics, so much so that it was filled with Golden Globes in 2017 (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress). If you are looking for something refined but light enough it could really be the right series for you, if you like James Bond intrigue this is your series.


At the moment a second season is planned but there is still no certain data regarding the release, in the meantime you can see the first season on Sky.

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