Haji Springer, a trip to Punjabi-gangsta

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Haji Springer is a unique artist, able to mix the Californian gangsta-rap with the typical rhythms of the land of his ancestors: Punjabi. To you the judgment on a unique singer of its kind

Between the streets of Bombay and Los Angeles

There is a part of music hidden from the general public, sometimes because it is too particular, others because it is too similar to other already famous music. Punjabi-Gangsta manages to belong to both categories, perhaps the only case of its kind, and Haji Springer is probably the best example of all of this.

Haji Springer

Californian with origins in Punjab, Haji Spinger brings the language of his ancestors on a typical West Coast basis, the result is a mix between the music of the Indian slums and a gangsta rap with unlikely interpreters. Don’t get me wrong eh, being unlikely comes from one of the few information circulating on the internet about the artist.

A sui generis Gangsta

His family is in fact the owner of the Bombay Ice Creamery in San Francisco, one of the best known ice cream shops in the neighborhood, not exactly a Gangstar identikit. However, his “Ghetto” attitude contrasts with everything, thus creating a strange mix between the serious and the trashy.

Haji Springer
The Bombay Ice Creamery

The strange juxtaposition screeches and in the hottest phases of the songs you will be undecided whether to find yourself in front of a rare gem or something you never wanted to see. A border made of Californian rhythms and a language that constantly winks at Bollywood.

Hidden generation

Haji Springer is of a generation able to mix India and Hip Hop, unfortunately not always with the desired results. The pieces of these realities always have the merit of representing something unique but which often risks being seen as a bad copy.

Haji Springer
Fateh’s piece along with Haji Springer and Rich Rocka

Too many points of contact with such a different world, the artists of this generation then have the bad habit of inserting passages in English that diminish their uniqueness. Personally I don’t know whether to recommend Haji Springer, but surely you will hear something never seen before.

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