“Taxi Teheran” by Jafar Panahi

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Jafar Panahi improvises as a taxi driver to circumvent government censorship, thus capturing the faces and stories of his Tehran from a new and unusual perspective. A successful cinematic experiment.

Taxi Teheran

Women and men, rich and poor, criminals and gentlemen get off and on the taxi of the inexperienced driver Panahi, telling the Iran of today amidst laughter and emotions, between incredible characters and stories of everyday life.

Taxi Teheran

Manifesto of a city

The film is a living and pulsating fresco of the Persian capital, with its strengths, flaws and oddities. It is also an opportunity to closely observe the “typical day” of a Tehran taxi driver. In fact, Jafar Panahi chooses to “disguise” himself as an ordinary man in order to obtain the most genuine and natural reactions from the people, thus reaching his goal.

After numerous anti-government protests, the director’s works have in fact been placed under censorship and the director himself is prohibited from producing or directing any type of film. Jafar Panahi, however, did not want to give up his desire to bring to light the life of the Persians and with this stratagem he manages to do both. Of course, in doing so he also condemns his film to be a real cinematographic experiment, a new way to get in touch with his own people and without fear of being indiscreet.

Taxi Teheran
Two of the taxi customers protagonists of the film

To discover Tehran

Taxi Teheran is a perfect film for those who are simply curious, for those who have no prejudices about Persians and just want to discover them. Jafar Panahi, on the other hand, does not want to do anything but show us the thousand souls that populate the capital. Among old ladies with goldfish and film smugglers, Taxi Teheran will kidnap you through the streets of the city, showing you the “make-up” face of the Persians of our time.

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