Shadia Mansour, the queen of Arab hip hop

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Some artists manage to remain glued to history thanks to a single, unforgettable piece. Raised in the suburbs of London in a Palestinian family, Shadia Mansour brings all the anger and grit of her land into her music.

London, the humus of political rap

Shadia Mansour belongs to the golden generation of London underground rap, capable of giving life in a few years to artists of the caliber of Lowkey and Mai Khalil, true champions in combining hip hop with Arabic, the artist’s mother tongue. Thanks to these collaborations, the Palestinian artist was able to showcase her technical and artistic skills for the first time, collaborating with international artists such as Narcy, Logic and many others.

Street rap

The unmistakable style of Shadia Mansour is based on sticking to the origins of political hip-hop, made of street and anger. His style is often not beautiful to hear but it is perceived that it is true, authentic and unmistakable. It is the style of the Gazans in love with their origins and who still dream of having their place in the world.

This style then finds its peak in his cult piece “El Koffeye Arabeyye”, a true love hymn to a headdress that Arafat has made iconic of the Palestinian people. The piece does not hide the political ideas of this artist, who has always been at the forefront together with her colleagues for her land.

The first lady of Arabic hip hop

His commitment and his style have allowed him over the years to become a true ambassador of Palestine in the world, as well as “The first lady of Arabic hip hop” “, all in one piece. A path very similar to that ofOmar Offendum, another rapper who entered the underground hip hop legend.

Shadia Mansour is a unique experience for anyone who loves political struggles and especially those related to the Palestinian cause. A hymn to freedom from one of the most interesting artists of recent years.

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