“The black book” by Orhan Pamuk

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“The black book” starts as a search for the beloved to then turn into a search for oneself and for writing to be. A noir set in an almost dreamlike Istanbul ready to reveal its and your mysteries.


In a labyrinthine and melancholy Istanbul, Galip, a young lawyer suddenly discovers that his wife has vanished into thin air. Her half-brother, Celal, a famous journalist, is also nowhere to be found. Thus began a philosophical thriller that will lead the improvised detective to discover what he never wanted to know.

The Black Book
Galata Tower, Istanbul

Write to be

The whole novel is a research that Galip carries out throughout Istanbul traveling to places of his past and that of Celal. In fact, there is a very strong bond between the two that will allow Galip to identify himself and thus make a journey through the writings of the journalist, an almost mystical figure in the novel.

There are many keys to reading that Pamuk wants to offer us, both historical and literary in nature and not surprisingly the book is the result of 5 years of work. Themes such as the search for oneself and how writing helps us to be. The novel in fact revolves a lot on preserving memory through writing and how we implicitly leave clues about ourselves.

The Black Book
Yeni Camii, Istanbul

These elements will have a big impact on the plot, transporting us to an Istanbul halfway between dream and reality, even the city will in fact be the protagonist of history, showing us its alleys and its most mystical part.


“The black book” by Pamuk ranks among those masterpieces that always have something to say and that are, therefore, eternal. There are in fact a thousand keys that we can use to solve the mystery but none of these will be effective until we make an effort also with the psyche. The book is not for everyone and above all it is not for the less patient, but the effort will be rewarded with the solution to the mystery: “is it possible to be yourself?“.

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The Black Book

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