Quf, the “bad” rapper of Tehran

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Quf is one of those rappers who either love or hate, deafening melodies, ready to take you to another universe, it’s up to you to say if it’s Heaven or Hell. All told then told in getting closer to Tehran, accepted challenge?

The Teheran underground

Quf is part of the new generation of Persian music, increasingly pushed towards the underground due to the censorship of the country. It is here that Quf has established its territory over the years, unlike the others in fact this rapper has chosen not only to create pieces, but also words.


In each of his pieces, all in becoming narrower than Tehran, there are also real mint words, created by the rapper himself to emphasize his pieces. Also for this reason, however, Quf remains truly understandable by a few and this, over the years, has enveloped it in a halo of legend.

“Bad” rhythm

What makes it readable by anyone is the rhythm, always pounding and studied in detail. The Iranian in fact plays a lot on the transformation of the voice, this, combined with the underground and “rebel” style completely transforms your musical experience.


Thanks to this pace you can travel, whether the journey is nice or not, but it depends on your taste. In fact, the rhythm is not for anyone and for any moment, but basically always has something vindictive, angry.

To travel

Quf is certainly not for everyone but remains one of the musicians who play the most to “travel” their audience. With its unique rhythm it manages to involve its audience and to give a new experience.

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