The Ottoman Empire, the Netflix series

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The Ottoman Empire is probably the most beautiful series ever shot so far on the “Conquest of Constantinople”, able to show you one of the most decisive moments in history in detail. Available on Netflix Italia

The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman sultan Mehmed II embarks on an epic campaign to conquer the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, shaping the course of history for centuries.

Conquering Constantinople

Netflix’s mini docu-series will take us to the camps of Mehmed the Conqueror, discovering numerous failures and ingenious insights behind one of the most legendary sieges of all time. The capture of Constantinople, in fact, was a feat attempted over and over again by the Ottomans who, even with Mehmed, were on the verge of failure for a long time.


Just in times of difficulty, however, you can see the true genius and the sultan’s idea was amazing: he had his fleet transported by land to get around the Byzantine defenses. An enterprise that had an incredible impact and allowed him to crown the dream of his people forever.

Italians, joys and sorrows

Very interesting is the role of the Italians in the affair, officially loyal supporters of Byzantium but de facto at the mercy of the highest bidder. If, on the one hand, we have the valiant general Giovanni Giustiniani, a loyal lover of the Byzantine emperor, able to renounce lavish rewards in order to avoid surrender, on the other, we will have a controversial Genoese attitude.

Giovanni Giustiniani

The latter, in fact, instead of warning the Byzantines of the imminent danger, will agree to keep Galata inviolate, becoming forever allies of the Ottomans, but betraying an ancient friend without any hesitation. Given the magnificence still shown by the former Ligurian colony, however, it cannot be said that it was not one of his best deals ever.

Large and honest Turkish production

The series manages to thrill both for spectacularity and for historical validity, giving an incredible image of what this siege must have been. “The Ottoman Empire” stands as one of the best Turkish products available in Italian, also managing to make it as historic and objective as possible.


In fact, we are not in front of real heroes but to many mortals with a common goal: to reign in Constantinople. So do not expect anything exaggeratedly celebratory, or something that shows the Turks as “fierce and barbarous invaders”; the series will show you nothing more or less than one of the most decisive sieges in history, and it will do it in style. Worth seeing, especially after the “story of Hagia Sophia”.

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