Aladdin, the live action

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The exact transposition of the cartoon, Aladdin manages not to disappoint expectations and to prove himself as the worthy evolution “in flesh and blood” of his predecessor


Set against the backdrop of the mythical eastern kingdom of Agrabah, Aladdin tells the adventures of an enterprising young man, a rough diamond who dreams of escaping from a miserable street existence to marry the beautiful princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan. Destiny wants Aladdin to be commissioned by the Sultan’s Vizir, the treacherous Jafar, to recover a lamp with supernatural properties, hidden in the depths of the “Cave of Wonders”. Aladdin manages to find the lamp and, with it, the very lively genius who lives there, thus conquering the possibility of expressing three wishes, but unleashing the wrath of the powerful Jafar.


While pretending to be a rich and beautiful prince, Aladdin cannot impress the princess and discovers that the beautiful Jasmine has actually always been in love with the real Aladdin. With the help of his genius friend, the inseparable monkey Abù and a magic carpet, Aladdin, wanting to prove his worth, decides to save the kingdom from Jafar’s perfidious machinations, to finally become “master” of his own destiny.

Faithful reproduction of the original

Personally, I am often skeptical of re-make, and for this reason I waited a long time before watching the film, so as to be far from even a possible “nostalgia effect”. In fact, Aladdin was clearly my Disney favorite, so much so that, probably, my first fascinations towards “the East” derive precisely from that film; this new version, however, did not disappoint.


Obviously animation often manages to give an extra gear to films of this type, just think of works such as Persepolis or the more recent The Breadwinner, but the effort and passion employed by the crew and production are evident, not doing regret the original a lot.

Fantasy in flesh and blood

As in the film of “92, the Genius will be the driving force behind the whole story. This time, however, will be able to really transform the long-drawn imagination into flesh. The two key scenes, namely the Cave of Wonders and the Entering Agrabah, the second one in particular, really gives satisfaction to see each other and it is evident that this was the part that Will Smith has long dreamed of playing.

Just wanting to find the fur: there is no huge difference between this and Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhaal. The other film, which we will talk about in the future, in fact shares some features of the plot with the Disney film and, being released first and with a “more important” cast, risks making Aladdin appear as something “beautiful but not necessary. ” In his defense, it must be said, however, that the casting of Walt Disney went to look for actors all actors related to the Middle East, with the only exception of Will Smith, however inevitable for the public. The worthy evolution of the cartoon, I hope they also translate the other 2 films into live action.

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