Mai Khalil, rising star of the London underground

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Mai Khalil, an artist who in the past made people talk about himself thanks to Lowkey and Akala and who now launches Reflection, his first solo album.

Mai Khalil, the mysterious voice

There are voices that, like mermaids, kidnap you, isolating you from the piece you were listening to and making you travel to other musical universes. Voices that, however, once the piece is finished, vanish without leaving a trace, nowhere to be found like coins in the desert.

Mai Khalil can only represent the category, with many pieces in featuring and only a solo album, of course, his duo fans fear for both the quality and the level of the musicians. Born to a Syrian family who emigrated to London, Mai Khalil made her way into the English underground scene, a magical place that has become the home of artists such as Lowkey or Akala, to name a few. Thanks to them, she made herself known and fought battles, finally managing to churn out the long-awaited solo album: Reflection.

A new challenge

In Reflection Mai Khalil puts all of itself and putting its focus on Arab femininity. The artist did an incredible job, building an album that he listened to in order, from the first to the last in crescendo of power.

Mai Khalil

If in fact in Little Arab Girl the melodies and sounds are sweeter, almost a lullaby, we move on to songs like Ahh or Still I Rise that instead bring an underground style and much more explicit and strong themes with highly politicized hooks.

Mai Khalil is a pearl to be discovered, an artist with great potential and who has shown us only a modicum of what she can become. Don’t miss her

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